18th-19th May

On the 18th May we held out first Grandma Sean Memorial at our campsite, This was a weekend where teams was challenged on all things bushcraft.

At 9am Craig gave us all the brief of the weekend and then gave us the first challenge of the weekend which was to light a fire before 10am, which all teams managed to do.

They was also tasked to build shelter with things they would find around the campsite, There was some good shelters being built with most of them being based on the same principle of a long branch along the top, with 2 support branches at either end, with sides made up from either conifers or a tarpaulin, all the shelters was working really well, until the explorer one collapsed but with some hard work they managed to get it fixed and sorted for them to sleep in.

In the evening they all cooked their meals over the open fires that they had kept going all day, there was some nice looking meals on show, and some very different ways to cook their food, The beavers also joined us to have the district camp fire, thank you to Nic, Izzy, Bethan, Helen and Claire for their help with the camp fire which even got the ADC Scouts joining in which is a rarity.

On the Sunday morning when they woke up, they all cooked their breakfast on their open fires in various different ways, from frying bacon on stones to boiling an egg in a tin on the open fire.

10:00 finally came round and the teams could put the fires out they had kept in for 24hrs, they tidied all there areas away, took all the shelters down and put everything back to normal and look like no one had been there.

During the presentation the DC congratulated everyone on what they had all done, then went on to the results, in 3rd place was 1st Pinxton, in joint 2nd was Alfreton A and B and in 1st place was P.A.N.T.S ESU.

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