On the 16th March we held out annual Ready Steady Cook event at South Normanton Scout Hut.

We had teams from Alfreton, Pinxton and South Normanton each one had to prep and cook a 3 course meal based on alternative diets such has gluten free or vegetarian, which was then judge by two judges who both have a culinary background one who is a chef in a hotel and the other who is a cook at a school, both went round looking at presentation, taste and how well they worked as a team.

There was 5 scout teams, 3 from South Normanton, 1 from Pinxton and 1 from Alfreton, each team show some brilliant cooking skills, Throughout the morning the judges was watching closely and scoring on what they see. When it came the tasting side the judges was taken back with how nice the food was with it being hard to call and with one judge saying they was all winners has they came up with dishes that was both good and suitable for all, But in the end they had to pick one team and the winning team was South Normanton who go on to represent Alfreton District in the county stages.

In the cub event there was yet more good things on show with more nice foods to taste. cooking the same food types as the scouts.

South Normanton cubs was the winners of the cubs.


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